Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First post

I suppose I should start with who I am.

I'm yet another aspiring writing by night, and a middle manager by day in an IT department. I live over on the Left Coast in the United States, with my wife,one very little one (and one on the way) who is becoming quite adept at causing trouble as he masters mobility, and two dachshunds who server as furry little vacuum cleaners always following a foot behind the children.

Politically, I identify as a left-leaning libertarian, and I despise both major political parties at the moment. Though I confess as a disillusioned ex-Republican, I tend to be more critical of my former party, and really, can you blame me? (I think George W. Bush converted quite a few of us to Independents.)

My background was in religion, and I am a protestant Christian who frequently struggles with the theology I was raised in: evangelical fundamentalism. As a result, I've been reading older theologians to further engage my mind and discover more about Christianity's past and traditions.

Expect further posts on politics, religion, my writing progress (or lack thereof), as well as: television, movies, food, card games, and anything else that strikes me as interesting. Most of this is going to be cathartic for me, but hopefully some visitors here will find it interesting and stick around to talk and debate.

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